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About Magdalena

A gifted intuitive healer Magdalena began her healership with an avid interest in nutrition but was divinely lead to discover that her true passion lay in the healing process and the spiritual growth of the client. As each client is on their own unique journey, Magdalena uses Heightened Sensory Perception to receive the information she needs directly from the client’s higher self, Divine Source and the client’s physical body.

Magdalena has been trained in a number of healing modalities, has studied at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences and is a certified teacher of Theta Healing, Theta Command, DNA Activation, and a practitioner of Vortex™ Healing. She is also a certified practitioner of Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection®, Serenity Vibration®, Advanced Theta Command, La Ho Chi, Hsin Tao, Reiki, and many other Energy Medicine modalities. Although certified and trained in many different styles of energy medicine healing, Magdalena enters each healing experience without an agenda and no preconceived plans. This leaves the healing experience entirely to Spirit, creating no boundaries or limitations of the process.

Her studies enabled her to find her greatest gift of guided meditation facilitator. Lead directly by spirit MAGDALENA designs small or large group meditations. Most first timers request to “take her home” so she has made available five different CD’s for home use. Visit her online store to find out more.

To Contact Magdalena email:
New Hampshire: 603-578-5895
Massachusetts: 617-839 7201
Anywhere Else: 888-526-6187
Fax: 603-578-5896


Magdalena also practices at
Healing Connections at Unity

58 Macy St. #6C
Amesbury, MA 01913
617-839-7201 cell |

Jeff Ferrannini 617-327-6865 email: