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About Us

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About Us
We are committed to providing unique radio broadcast opportunities to gain knowledge and experience.

Our staff of radio professionals share in our vision of giving individuals the most cost effective solution in obtaining the experience necessary for pursuing a career in the ever changing field of radio broadcasting.

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A Service Company
We began as a small radio production/training center in 1994. With one simple goal in mind we have sought out to be a fair and cost effective alternative for individuals and organizations to obtain broadcast experience. Below is a timeline history of our achievements.

Cameo Broadcasting Systems begins producing radio programming while training people with the desire to succeed. These programs aired on our affiliate stations in Hollywood.

Cameo continues to provide the most cost effective alternative to costly broadcast education. Also this year we introduced to Connecticut its very first commercial online radio broadcast We began very humbly with a minimal listeners. Today over a million people visit us each year. We also finished our remodel of our new 1,500 s/f studio facility. We we remained for the next 5 years.

Cameo continues to flourish in the radio arena. Many articles started to appear in local publications making mention of us. We continue to grow our online presence and seek new and innovative idea's for growth and continued success. Also our Executive Producer is elected to serve on the Board of Directors for The Connecticut Better Business Bureau.

Cameo completes renovations to our 3,000 s/f studio facility in Quincy Massachusettes to serve the Boston marketplace. The timing seemed perfect and the significant investment was available to take on a challenge this size. In no business plan could anyone have predicted the sad events that occurred to our great country on 9/11. As with many other businesses we took a hit as well. However faith and determination has successfully kept us on course and although not the growth we had predicted we thank the higher powers for the opportunity to continue and flourish.

Cameo has stabilized business and now has refocused on growth. With many discussions with some friend clergy we created and launched our online Christian broadcast This is perhaps the most exciting time of our existence simply because we are poised to make a significant difference in the lives of so many. We gladly accept the challenge.


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