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Suzanna Kennedy
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Suzanna Kennedy

Suzanna is guided to go share the gifts that Spirit brings through me with others around the world.

Upgrade your life! Our DNA is an elegant, sophisticated computer program consisting of two versions. The basic code contains 3% of the total, which has been mapped by scientists to our current biology. The other 97% (referred to as junk DNA by genetic scientists) are in hidden files, lying dormant.

Within the hidden files is a completely upgraded version of the human being. It features 12 strands of DNA instead of two. Along with the extra 10 strands comes many new features and abilities, that from the viewpoint of a 2-strand being could be considered Divine or God-like.

This hidden upgrade is being activated, installing itself like a Microsoft Automatic Update.

Some individuals have been already activated by the increasing sunspot activity, celestial energy infusing the planet, and energy coming from Mother Earth herself. All humans will be activated at some point. There are twelve activation waves. First-wave individuals, like me, are nearly complete with their upgrades and are among the facilitators who are helping the next waves come on-line.

Discover how to accelerate the integration of the upgrade and how to use the new features that are coming on-line. When you become conscious and attuned to the upgrade, integration is faster and more graceful. This gives you access to the new features sooner.

The first six waves are at various stages of activation and integration. If you are reading this, you are within the first six waves and ready for activation and/or attunement and training in how to use the new features of the upgrade. This information will not register with those who are not ready.

The new features of the Human Upgrade will upgrade all areas of your life: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Mental Benefits
Upgraded self-identity (ego)
• Uninstall social control programming
• Access Universal wisdom and knowledge outside your experience
• Release connection between painful memories and unexpressed emotional energy
•  Access Higher Guidance
• Ability to see beyond the illusion
• Upgrade your discernment skills
• Upgrade your personal integrity
• Upgrade your authenticity
• Upgrade your communication skills
• Release victimhood mentality
Emotional Benefits
Release past hidden, unexpressed emotional energy
•  Upgrade your ability to process emotional material
•  Upgrade your ability to forgive
•  Upgrade your ability to trust
•  Upgrade your capacity for intimacy
• Upgrade your capacity for compassion
Physical Benefits
Bring body into healthful balance
• Release disease programs
• Increase longevity
• Activate rejuvenation program
Spiritual Benefits
Activate and read Divine Blueprint (soul’s purpose)
• Remember alternate incarnations
•  Transcend Karma
•  Establish communication with Higher Aspects of your Being
•  Establish communication of other-dimensional beings
• Multi-dimensional travel
•  Upgrade psychic abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgnosis
• Upgrade your manifesting abilities

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